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Every year I deliver training to a group of teachers who are studying to become Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENDCos).  It is something I love to do and every single time I do it, I am told that I have changed the way that people think.  Over the years many of the staff have invited me to speak at their schools which is, for me, a fantastic opportunity to influence teachers that deal with parents like me on a daily basis. 


I can come to your school and run a workshop so that all of your teaching team have a good understanding on how they can enormously positive influence on all the children in their care!

During my workshops:

  • I will deliver an honest account of my experience of working through the education system as a parent of children with additional needs.Everything that has worked well and everything that has been grim. 

  • The heroes and the villains.  We talk about how things could be better.  How they think they could have handled the same situation differently. 

  • We talk about the mistakes I have made along with the things that I have done that have made a difference.  


The aim of these workshops is to improve understanding between teaching staff and parents and help them to build stronger more productive relationships. We all want the same thing, to get all children through school with the minimum damage in order to prepare them for life after education.  

I welcome questions throughout my delivery as I want those listening to feel that the questions they have are answered. 


Each session lasts around an hour and a half from start to finish. The cost of training varies based on the number of those who attend, please get in touch and start the conversation.

Pencil Bunch


It is easy to look at my son now and forget where we started, how impossibly tough it was.  Standing up in front of a group of strangers is a sharp reminder of how our daily life was and how much work went into getting us to where we were.

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