• Martha

Washing Machine

A small boy kneels in reverence before the washing machine.  

‘What will it be, Mummy?’

‘Darks, love.  40 degrees, cotton, quick.  Extra rinse’

The items are loaded gently, one by one.  The door closed and checked, the dial turned and the buttons pressed.  He passes his hand around the circle of glass.

Drawing his scoop through the powder, he takes a deep breath, eyes shining with anticipation.

‘Mummy, the powder… will it be more than the required dose?’

‘Yes my boy.  Always’

He exhales.  Mission complete.

Martha Smith Parent Advocate is a supportive blog focusing on the challenges and wins of parenting children with additional needs. Based in Hampshire Martha runs workshops for schools and other education providers in Surrey, London & Hampshire on how to encourage children with additional needs to thrive in education.

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