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Maths - A note to his teacher

A note to his teacher in April 2016.

I find maths easy in my brains.  I am able to read maths questions and crack the answer out of it’s egg.  I work out sums with all my skills.  I am just not that good on games which you have to say it first.  With my brain, it just needs a few seconds to calculate it.  Saying it the second after the question is read really puts my brain off.  Mathematics is very good with Mrs Jones around.  Most things in maths are things I can do without help.  Times tables are a really good way of learning maths successfully for me.

Martha Smith Parent Advocate is a supportive blog focusing on the challenges and wins of parenting children with additional needs. Based in Hampshire Martha runs workshops for schools and other education providers in Surrey, London & Hampshire on how to encourage children with additional needs to thrive in education.

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