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A Pretty Dress

Today is a day for a pretty dress. A daring lip colour, too much eyeliner, a rare effort with my hair. Today is my forty-seventh birthday.

Age and experience are supposed to make us wiser. All I know today, in these peculiar times, is that I am floundering as much as the next person. All I know today is that I must stay in my home with my children and try to make our little patch of earth a place of safety, for ourselves and other people. That is pretty much all I know today.

I will read my book, play some music, watch a film. I will spend much of the day refereeing my children. I will watch the news once this morning and turn it off for the rest of the day. And I will think about the people I love and look forward to seeing them again when all this has all blown through. Because it will blow through.

Today is a day for a pretty dress. That's the only other thing I know today.

Keep safe.

Martha x

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