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Photo credit and thanks to Junior Moran via Unsplash

‘God at maths’, worshiper of cats. Speedwalker, explorer, enthusiast. Bolter. Adventurer, prisoner of routine. Passionate launderer, builder of lego, writer of lists. Battery recharger, labeller, tolerator. Irrepressible giggler. Loving brother, relentless tormenter, wind-up merchant. Independent, organised, punctual. Autist. Loyal friend. Questioner. Retainer of facts. Proud student, prefect, perfect. Hard worker. Tryer. Endurer of team sports. Unequalled navigator. Direct, interested, interesting. Right-hand man, cheerleader, cuddler. Includer, excluder, teenager. Privacy craver, over-corrector. Shouter, wearer of ear defenders, hyperesthesiast. Challenged interpreter. Confident, unconfident. Hypersensitive, hyposensitive, bonkers. Chart music aficionado, reader, king of the Genius Square. Kind young man. Passionate, driven, ambitious. Source of overwhelming pride. Fifteen this month.


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