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Honesty & Plain Speaking

Mother to two incredible children with additional needs. Pull up a chair and have a read, I've been saving a seat for you!

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I have the privilege to be raising two utterly fantastic children with additional needs and together we spend far too much of our time trying to clamber over obstacles that are thrown in our way.  


When you first start out the shock of realising that you and your child are going to tread a different path can be overwhelming but, in time, you can feel empowered. You will find your voice again.

I write and speak about what it is to be me - the highs and lows of raising my children.  My aim is simply to create understanding between parents and those who are supposed to support us: teachers, practitioners, friends.  


I want people to know that it is OK to ask questions in order to educate themselves - we can usually tell the difference between those who want to get things right and those who have a lurid fascination for finding out secrets!  More than anything I want fellow parents to understand that it is important to speak up because it is only by doing so that we can hope to make things less difficult for those that follow after us.


Be bold and be brave.  Write it, speak it, share it.  Celebrate those who help, educate those who don’t.  Help change what MUST change.

Martha x


Sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy the read...


I can come to your school and run a workshop so that all of your teaching team have a good understanding on how they can have an enormously positive influence on all the children in their care!


Martha’s presentation was an incredibly powerful way to kick off the first hour of our INSET day with both staff & governors finding her presentation thought provoking & illuminating. Martha balances her talk perfectly by mixing humour with gritty reality & her personal accounts of her many experiences as the parent of a child with SEND are gripping! 


Allyson Crew, Head Teacher, Petersfield Infant School


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